What is Tarsal Colition?

A tarsal coalition is problem of the back part of the foot (involving the tarsal bones) where the bones are abnormally grown together (fused) resulting in a loss of normal motion.  The foot may be painful, stiff/rigid, develop arthritis and be associated with a flat foot.

What Causes A Tarsal Coalition?

A tarsal coalition is generally an an inherited genetic condition.  Tarsal coalition has been identified in the fetus, indicating the congential nature of the condition.   It is most commonly first identified in teen-age children.  Sometimes, tarsal coalitions may be due to injury where the bones become damaged and grow together.  In rare cases, it may… Read more »

What Are The Symptoms Of Tarsal Coalition?

People with tarsal coalition may have pain in their foot.  The pain can be severe and achy to superficial and mild.  The pain can be widespread in the foot, or be more focally located directly at the rearfoot where the coalition is.  Muscle spasms may occur as a response to the restricted motion, and specifically… Read more »