Patients Fly From All Over the World For Surgery With Dr. Blitz


Patients with tarsal coalition often have difficulty finding a surgeon with significant experience performing tarsal coalition surgery in their local area.  Also, patients are frequently recommended drastic bone fusion procedures – something that patients intuitively wish to avoid.

Because of Dr. Blitz’ experience, surgical skills, and publications, many patients and their families travel domestically and internationally for tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz. Dr. Blitz’ focus is to remove the coalition and structurally realign the foot with his state-of the art- techniques.  We have perfected the fly-in foot surgery program making is possible for anyone to potentially have surgery in New York with Dr. Blitz.  Our patients who have traveled have found it to be worth the trip.


The process is simple…


  1. Contact us.

    The first thing is to call the office at (212) 776 – 4250 or complete our contact form  (click here).

  2. Send Pictures, Previous X-RAY/MRI/CT, and/or Any Health Insurance Information

    Pictures: Send photos of your feet  while standing.  We need three pictures of the foot – from the top down, side view, and from behind to see the heel position.  Photos can be taken with a cellular phone as well.  Please email photos to Dr. Blitz at: [email protected]

    XRAY/MRI/CT: Most patients with tarsal coalition will have already had xrays and advanced imaging. Please obtain the actual images/studies including the report and mail it to us at:

    Dr. Neal Blitz
    800A Fifth Ave, #403
    New York, NY 10065

    *Please include pre-paid return postage label so we may return your films to you.

    Insurance Verification: If you have Health Insurance, Dr. Blitz may accept your insurance as partial or full payment for your surgical procedure(s). Our office will perform an insurance verification, and we will need the following information:

    • insurance carrier name,
    • ID #,
    • your date of birth
    • Insurance company phone number (on the back of the card)

    You may email your insurance information to [email protected], or fax it to us at (347) 410-7401

  3. Dr. Blitz’ Assessment

    Once Dr. Blitz’ reviews everything for the procedure you are interested in, our patient care coordinator will contact you to review the procedure, costs, recovery, follow-up care and local accommodations. At that time, we will also address any questions that you may have.

  4. Schedule Surgery

    When you have decided to move forward with tarsal coalition surgery, we will reserve your surgery date, and a $500 deposit is necessary. This deposit is applied is towards your surgery, and is non-refundable.

  5. Receive Surgery Information

    After your surgery is scheduled, you will receive a surgery packet with pre-operative instructions and consent forms.

  6. Fly to New York City

    Most of our patients fly into Laguardia or JFK international airports. Our office is located in midtown Manhattan, approximately 20 minutes from both airports. For directions, please click here.

    Surgery patients must arrive to New York one day (domestic) or two days (international) prior to your planned surgery date. There are no exception to this requirement. You will meet with Dr. Blitz in the office for detailed visit to discuss the the surgery, postoperative care, and sign the surgery consents.

  7. Recovery

    Depending on the extent of your tarsal coalition surgery and distance you are traveling, you may return home 3-14 days after surgery. Our staff can help with hotel accommodations, as we have hotels that provide discounted rates for Dr. Blitz’ patients. Local hotels can be found by clicking here

  8. Follow-up Care

    Dr. Blitz has a vast network of surgeons around the world that perform follow-up care until you are fully healed. The surgeons will report your progress back to Dr. Blitz.


Long Distance Consultations – Virtual Consultations & SKYPE Consultations


If you are outside of the New York area (or overseas), we understand that traveling here for an initial consultation is difficult and expensive, just to fly back for surgery shortly after. Our virtual consultation allows for us to determine what your foot needs are, and meet with Dr. Blitz (via Skype or phone call).