Patient Success Stories Of Tarsal Coalition Surgery


Below are some satisfied tarsal coalition surgery patients of Dr. Blitz who have shared their experience. We hope these stories inspire you to consider tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz.  Feel free to reach out to Dr. Blitz via our contact form (click here).

Meg: Tarsal Coalition Surgery

We came from Australia… for Tarsal Coalition Surgery. For what he’s skilled and trained at doing, he’s obviously the best in the world.

Meg, a champion tap dancer, travelled from Australia for tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz. She underwent coalition resection, and the surgery was successful at relieving her pain. She is back to dancing.

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Russell — Hi. I’m Russell. This is Melinda, and my daughter, Meg. And we came from Australia in March 2014 to have tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz here in New York for what he’s skilled and trained at doing. He’s obviously the best in the world.

Meg had a problem with her ankle. She’s a dancer. And we were told in Australia that the problem with her ankle was one that had to go for a few years and then they’d fuse her ankle, which would stop her from dancing.

Meg — It was just like someone was stabbing me in the ankle, like a hammer. It was like bashing my bone. It was painful. And then we went to Sydney to see a surgeon over there. And he said pretty much just get another hobby, five-, in five years come back and we’ll fuse your ankle. It made me feel a bit like disappointed.

Russell — And we did a lot of research in relation to what the problem was. And the thing that came through for us was that it can be treated early, and if it is treated early in a young-, in a teenager or a young person, then obviously the likely outcome is much better. We were very impressed with Dr. Blitz who rang straight away, discussed what our options were. He was very-, he spoke in very plain English, easy to understand. He knew exactly what the problem was. And he said that he was the right man to fix it. So we made the decision to come over to get the surgery done.

Meg — Well, I was at school and Mum messaged me and she was like, we found someone in New York who can do a surgery. And I was so excited. I was like, oh, my God, let’s do it.

Russell — When we arrived in New York Melinda and Meg arrived before I did and they saw Dr. Blitz on the first day.

Melinda — Yeah, we were very comfortable–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — within the first five minutes of meeting Dr. Blitz. The first question he directed to us was about Meg, and about her dancing, about the problem; very easy to speak to. He explained it very well and (he was obviously…

Meg — I just feel very comfortable with him.

Melinda — That’s right.

Russell — She’s got great movement in her foot. Dr. Blitz is very happy with the way that things went. And we’re very happy as well. So glad that we did it.

Meg — Well, the second day after surgery I was like rolling my ankle, like getting movement. And I already had more movement than I did before the surgery, and it was only the second day, so I was really excited. And it feels good.

Russell — My advice to anyone who’s thinking of coming to see Dr. Blitz is don’t hesitate.

Meg — Yeah.

Russell — Make sure you send your information to them. They’ll get back to you and they’ll understand what your problem is and you will not regret it.

Melinda — I feel very relieved and so happy that–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — we’ve made this decision to come over here. It’s–

Meg — Yeah.

Melinda — It’s amazing. And it’s life changing I think for Meg and–

Meg — I’m very glad that we did it.

Russell — Yeah. I don’t regret one minute of it. We would absolutely recommend Dr. Blitz to anyone who has any problem with their feet or ankle.

Brooke: Revision Tarsal Coalition Surgery

We had searched all over the nation for a physician that could fix the issue that I was having with my foot and Dr. Blitz was the only one that could!

Success story patient of Dr. Blitz. After performing a nationwide search, this patient chose Dr. Blitz to perform her revision tarsal coalition surgery. She shares her experience with Dr. Blitz.

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My mom and I decided to fly in from Ohio to New York because Dr. Blitz is truly one of a kind. There wasn’t another surgeon in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky or Tennessee. We searched all those places. Dr. Blitz was the only one that was just a perfect fit for my situation.

I had gotten many other opinions before from a lot of other surgeons that just did not want do the procedure that I felt was best for me.

Dr. Blitz was very knowledgeable in that aspect. He is very professional and he spent a lot of time with us. Other surgeons, the procedure that they wanted to do to fix my issue, was very old school and they had been doing it for such a very long time. I came in, they told me what was wrong and they wanted to sign me up for surgery right then and there.

Dr. Blitz has been phenomenal throughout this entire process. He spent a lot of personal time with my mom and I discussing all of our fears, my recovery and we never were left with any questions as far as the surgery.

It was very important to have a surgeon that could do revision surgery for my foot because I had been through, like I said, three previous surgeries and I did not obtain the result that I was hoping to obtain.

This surgery has been just a breeze recovery wise. Usually in the past I’ve been sick, I had been in so much pain, I couldn’t walk for a really long time. I was actually shocked with how I was not in much pain, I was not nauseous and I was actually able to move my foot around the day after the surgery. It’s just been a wonderful experience recovery wise.

What advice I would give for other people that may be in my situation is don’t be afraid to take a risk and follow your heart. If I had not followed what I thought was best for me and what was best for my foot I would have had a completely different surgery that would have had a longer recovery and it may not have ever really worked for me and it would have been permanent.

We had searched all over the nation for a physician that could fix the issue that I was having with my foot and Dr. Blitz was the only one that could!

Sean: Revision Tarsal Coalition Surgery

Before the surgery, my foot was like a pancake… and now, it looks like a regular foot.

Sean underwent revision tarsal coalition surgery with Dr. Blitz. He has severe arthritis of his rearfoot and a deformed foot. Dr. Blitz performed a triple arthrodesis for this endstange arthritis and corrected his flat foot. Sean is happy with the way his foot looks and feels.

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Hello, my name is Sean and I had Tarsal Coalition Surgery with Dr. Blitz.

So I was diagnosed with Tarsal Coalition about 10 years ago. It was a problem in my foot that caused an immense amount of pain.

Dr. Blitz performed a triple arthrodesis surgery on my foot.

Before the surgery, my foot was like a pancake. It was all discombobulated and now it looks like a regular foot. It actually looks like a mirror image of my right foot which is normal.
I found Dr. Blitz by going into google and searching Best surgeons for tarsal coalition and he was the first person that came up. So, I found him and now my foot’s better.

So, fortunately, Dr. Blitz is located right in my backyard. But if I happened to live very far away, I would totally get on a plane and travel to wherever he was located and get the surgery done because it really, really helped me.

Success Story: Ellen

“I traveled from the UK, with my daughter, to have revision foot surgery with Dr. Blitz. My daughter had failed surgery on both of her feet and surgeons here could not help her. They told me that my daughters foot pain was psychological. Fortunately, we found Dr. Blitz who fixed my daughters feet and now she is much better and we are eternally grateful. My daughter was able to attend her prom in heels.”